“All you need is LAV”

That playful headline sums it all up and has a serious meaning. We develop and install complete solutions for conference technology – solutions involving everything from specific products to control systems. When you work with LAV you will not need any external help or additional technology. We identify your needs, install the technology and act as your support.


Quality is more than a word. For LAV it’s actually four.

We define quality according to four cornerstones: knowledge, aesthetics, commitment and adaptation. These four guidelines are always a part of our philosophy, this regardless if we are working with large institutions or small businesses. A real LAV solution must be based on solid knowledge. It should be aesthetically pleasing and a natural part of the environment. In addition, it must be designed with consideration for the customer and tailored according to each customer’s unique needs and preferences.


Anyone can be the cheapest option.
We can only be LAV.

We at LAV believe in showing our customers great thoughtfulness and care, to offer good service and support. We always listen to our customer’s needs and concerns. And when we are done with the job we keep in touch, we maintain a relationship even after the invoice has been paid. We believe that this approach is highly appreciated by our customers and that it makes us truly different.


From the first days of disco until today’s digital solutions

LAV was founded in 1937 as Waxholms Elektriska. Since then we have not only changed the name – we have also expanded our company in pace with new technology and the digital revolution. In the 1970s, we were installing Sweden’s first disco and since the early 1980s, we have focused entirely on audiovisual technology for all types of businesses and clients.

LAV was a part of the industry when it was founded and we are still market-leading in audio-visual technology. We believe that it is the mix of experience, curiosity and commitment that has made us true specialists in conference technology.